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A lifestyle traveller, my husband and I work as we travel around the world - all our businesses, projects and clients are online.
We film mini documentaries of people who make a difference to their communities. We also film hotel, tour and cruise reviews and have a global music festival challenge


December 2013

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    The border crossing from Coata Rica to Granada, Nicaragus - is it difficult for non-spanish speakers and is it safe?Thanks,Peter

    We had no problems with any border crossings in Central America. They were all easy, well organised and seemingly safe. over 6 years ago

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    Hostel in Santa Marta/Tanganga

    We went to the Dreamer one night and it has a pool, the hostels in general are not very cheap in Santa Marta, but those ones are well set up. Also make sure you go to Costeno Beach - it's only 40 minutes away by bus, but such a gorgeous spot! over 6 years ago

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    Tips for travelling to varadero

    Well my thoughts on Cuba are the opposite of the other poster! We thought the country was amazing, probably our favourite country in the world - we would definitely move there if they could improve the internet so we could work and the people are amazing! Varadero beach is amazingly gorgeous although the town is the only somewhat soulless place we went to, due to the fact that it is all set up for tourists. It was easy to get a bus to and from Varadero from Havana and we ended up staying longer than we expected as the beach is soooo nice! Every other town/city in Cuba has passion and life and culture and music so it is worth exploring, we spent a month in Cuba total and easily could have stayed longer. over 6 years ago