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December 2013

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    Visa clarity on getting into Thailand on foot

    Just did a "visa run" in Northern Thailand (Mae Sai). The whole thing was easy and fast, infact when we went to the Myanmar side they just stamped our enty and departure stamps at the same time. The fee for Myanmar is 10 USD or 500 baht (which turns out to be 16-17 USD); I tried to pay with a 10 USD bill but they only accept bills 2009 or newer. So if you want to save 6 bucks use USD (2009 or newer). We also got another 30 days in Thailand for free, I had heard a rumor that they might be changing it at all overland border crossings to another 30 days (free). However, I am not sure is this is true at every overland crossing and how many times you are allowed to extend. As for proof of where we were staying, we just put down the name of a guesthouse and the town (we didn't have a reservation or the actual address), this worked fine. For proof of exit we just put the border crossing we planned to exit from and a rough date (did this for both timed we entered, by plane in Bangkok and by foot in Mae Sai), this also seemed to work fine and no questions were asked. As far as I see it Thailand makes sooooo much money off tourism, they want you there, they want you to spend your baht! I haven't heard of anyone getting denied at the border for not having an address of where they are staying or proof of exit, even though technically those are the rules. However, every border crossing is different so it doesn't hurt to have as much info as possible, but don't stress out about it too much! As for the 90 day visa, I dont really know much about it. I just met some Canadians who applied and thought they had their 90 days but were only stamped for 30 when they arrived. It was a whole messy mixup that had happened back at the embassy in Canada. Good luch!! about 6 years ago