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Josh and Shona

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We're an Aussie/Kiwi couple, having lived in London, Brisbane, Vancouver and now Auckland.

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New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand


December 2010

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    What are your top tips for a road trip down the west coast?

    Absolutely agree with Big Sur. Don't for a second even consider taking the 101. Its Number 1 all the way. For a feeling of fulfilment you could start at San Deigo, or even Tijuana and then you'll have done the entire "West Coast". I found every damn National Park of the US the greatest places the country has to offer, so if you can swing by one or two, it just adds a huge dimension to your trip. Sequoia or Yosemite or Joshua Tree. But these should not be making you detour too far off Number 1 baby. The whole "North West Pacific" which in my mind includes Seattle and Vancouver is all amazing, so whether you want to finish off in Whistler Canada and maybe Vancouver Island, or Olympic and Mt Baker National Parks around Seattle, make sure you see one of them through, don't just burn up the I-5. San Fran, Seattle and San Diego (in that order) are my favourite places on the west coast. LA on the other hand is a soul-less beast with only Santa Monica worthy of a mention. Check roads are open in the mountains if you do head off the coast, as snowfall is unpredictable. And pack lots of snacks!!! over 9 years ago

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    Looking for suggestions for great 6 week road/river/sea trip around British Columbia

    Look into taking your car on the ferry network that runs along the west coast. 6 weeks is a fabulous amount of time to explore the huge area that is BC. Vancouver Island has been mentioned, but then if you sail to Prince Rupert you can hit destinations along the Stewart Highway, heading up to the Alaskan highway with destinations like Mucho Lake, the Liard River Hot Springs and Watson Lake unmissable. If you really want to go crazy and head as far north as Haines Alaska, the Haines Highway is the greatest drive I've ever done. The time frame you have could achieve that and leave you with time to get back to the Okanagon too. almost 10 years ago