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Have been visiting Indonesia since June 1997 - 9 trips so far with the highlight being 5.5 months wandering around this beautiful country in 2006.
Esp love Sumatra and Aceh and then Java.

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Australia Sydney, Australia


December 2010

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    Best places to see in Indonesia (aside from Bali)?

    Oh what an open ended question- so much to see and do in Indonesia. My great loves are Sumatra and Aceh. Aceh - Ketambe for wild orangutans- flora and fauna. friendly people. Banda Aceh for that magnificent Mosque. Pulau Weh off Banda Aceh for diving, snorkelling and just general relation. Check out this website North Sumatra - Bukit Lawang - rehabilitated orangutans, trekking, partying with the locals. Tangkahan - quiet paradise in the jungle- accomodation nestled in the jungle Mega Inn, Jungle Lodge, Bambu River and Green Lodge You can river trek, lay in hot springs and read a book, sit under a small waterfall and get a shoulder and back massage. Go for an elephant trek and wash the elephants in the river - so much fun. Brestagi Go climb a volcano Lake Toba Batak culture, swimming in the lake, trekking, relaxing, great food. West Sumatra Fly into Padang. Bukittinggi - cooler than Padang as high up. Jungle trek to Lake Maninjau. Stay in Harau Valley at Abdi Homestay - a new clean place - listen to the gibbons call in the morning amongst the mist. Painan - 3 hrs by bus south of Padang - definitely off the beaten track Magnificent scenery- great people, stay with Edi at his homestay- he is a crazy lovable friend of mine - has crocodiles out the back. Get him to take you over to Cingkuk Island and laze the day away. Oh I could rave on forever, Pamela almost 10 years ago

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    What is a nice way to celebrate your 26th birthday on Java, Indonesia?

    Hi, Where in Java will you be on your birthday? If you are in West Java how about heading to Cianjur which is about 2 hrs from Bogor by mini bus or 3 hrs from Jakarta. Check out Yudi Sujana's homestay programme. He is featured in LP South East Asia on a Shoe String and also the new LP Indonesia from Jan 2010. Here is a little website an English traveller built for Yudi whom I have known since beg Sept 2000. From Cianjur you can go down to Pangandaran Beach and see Green Canyon etc. If you happen to be in Central Java then a trip to Dieng Plateau would be nice - a very cool area with temples etc. Visit Yogjakarta, Boroburdur and Prambanan temples. In East Java a trek to Gunung Bromo or a trip to Kawah Ijen would be great places to celebrate a birthday. Pamela almost 10 years ago

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    What shouldn't I miss while crossing Sumatra?

    Hi, I suggest about 10-12 days in North Sumatra taking in Medan, Bukit Lawang- orangutans, trekking, partying, Tangkahan - trekking,laying in hot springs, swimming, Brestagi - karo architecture, climbing volcanos, Lake Toba - batak culture, great food, relaxing by the lake. Then fly to Padang and spend 10 days in West Sumatra - head by bus up to Bukittinggi - cool area - markets, trekking down to Lake Maninjau - bicycling around the lake - Harau Canyon - stay at Abdi Homestay - new place very clean lovely guy running it Ikbal. Then fly to Jakarta. So much to do and see. Apply for a 60 day visa outsie Indonesia that can be extended up to 4 times. Pamela. Willing to asnwer any other questions you may have. Love Indonesia - been there 9 times and 10th coming up in 2011. almost 10 years ago