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October 2013

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    Where's the best place to go bungee jumping in New Zealand ?

    One place - Queenstown! In Queenstown you have a choice of about 3 different bungees which are jumping 400 metres above Queenstown (The Ledge) to jumping over a river (Kawarau Bridge 47m) to a large canyon (Nevis Bungee 134m). On the flip side there is also the worlds largest canyon swing in Queenstown where your suspended 160 metres above the canyon and I can speak from experience - its well worth it! Plus they do packages with the Nevis Bungee as its on the same property 30mins out of Queenstown. All your information can be found at http://www.bungy.co.nz/ - all of the bungees are run by the same people, and they are awesome! Have fun! over 6 years ago