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As of September 2013 I have visited 44 countries: 12 Australasian, 25 European, 3 Middle Eastern and 4 South American. I've spent over 2 years and 8 months abroad, of which 16 months was in Europe, 10 months in South America and 6 months in Asia. Check out my blog with expat and travel advice below.

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September 2013

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    Is it worthwhile to go to Ayers Rock?

    Yes, it's absolutely wonderful; I've been about 5 times and there are so many things to see in the centre of Australia provided that you have wheels... But, the main reason not to go is actually just the time of year. December is extremely hot so camping will be really uncomfortable and it'll really ruin your experience. I recommend going in winter, which is from about April until September. Hope you enjoy your trip anyway :-) over 7 years ago

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    what is the best way to go from Paris to Valencia? And the cheapest? thanks

    There are overnight buses, which are probably the cheapest. We took an overnight bus from Lyon to Milan, but it was very uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend this unless you want to save money and miss out on having a view. If you can get a good hire car deal and aren't afraid to drive in Europe, driving is certainly your best option all over Europe, because you get to see the real Europe and at your own leisure. Best of luck. over 7 years ago

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    Please recommend me a nice, modern hotel in Lima. Not that expensive. Well located.

    I can't recommend a specific hotel, but the best locations to stay in Lima are within the suburbs Barranco (Bohemian, but safe) and Miraflores (up market, but charming). There may be some okay hotels in the centre (it's got lots of sites, but it is really busy and less safe) or San Isidro (up market and safe, but more like a CBD with less charm or old buildings), but I would recommend these suburbs less for the reasons in brackets. Enjoy your stay and be sure not to catch a cab in the street there if you have all your luggage on you, because they are very unsafe. Phone up a private taxi or take the official taxis from the airport. Enjoy your stay, it is an unforgettable city. over 7 years ago