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August 2013

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    I am heading to Portugal in April... Where are the best places to visit?...

    Cascais is lovely place to visit. The town of Cascais is seated on a sandy bay on the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful village is 25 km from Lisbon, the Estoril Coast. The city is divided into six parishes, among which Carcavelos, Estoril and Cascais itself. The beauty of Cascais can be seen in its old buildings and ruins. But Cascais also highlights, of course, for its beaches and activities that can be performed there as windsurfing. In addition to the exciting nightlife that the city has. Cascais is a great city to spend a beach holiday. Get a few days to get away and live in one of the apartments in Cascais, where you see, for example, the sea, is a dream that can become reality. To access Cascais, we can do it by train or by car from Lisbon. Once in the city and to move through it, it's best to visit on foot or on bike or a car. We can also meet motorcycle, which facilitates movement through the city. Not to be missed boat ride in the harbor. I visited this place in my summer vacation. I am great thankful of to provide great help to explore Cascais. about 7 years ago

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    Do you know of a good car hire company in Split?

    I booked the car very easy and without extra charges at Split Airport from about 7 years ago