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Ric Gabunia

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July 2013

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    How safe is it to travel alone around Philippines?

    Rainmaker714...I've never been to Cebu, but I was born in Palawan (Puerto Princesa), and have also our residence in Laguna (Sta Rosa). Presently, I'm here in Europe, where I reside for more than 30 years now with my family, and since I'm also retired like you (actually since a few years already) & am almost free now from family obligations, I'll be travelling much to the Philippines to enjoy my retirement there with relatives & friends, starting this November. Therefore, to make your travel safe to Cebu and meet your online GF & her family, just in case you didn't do it yet or are still reluctant, don't hesitate to contact me anytime (between this coming November-June 2014). I can accompany you to her place, just to make sure that no one can take advantage of you and make your trip a worthwhile one. To anyone who plans to visit the Philippines, especially those 2 beautiful places mentioned above where I would always be, during my vacation time, I can also offer you our empty residence there for a few negotiable bucks. In Palawan, which is especially alluring for backpackers and beach lovers, we also have a tiny semi-native farm house (about 3.5 hectares), and since it is a farm, so please don't expect a lot, but you will surely enjoy green & tranquil surroundings there & our free fresh coconut juices to get rid of your thirst while backpacking. The farm is about 1 hour ride going to Puerto Princesa Underground River. But since we don't have yet our own private vehicle there, hiring a van for instance, would not be a problem & indeed affordable, or simply experience the public transport. Foreign & local tourists, especially backpackers from Metro-Manila & nearby towns & provinces, can also get in touch with me (roaming CP # 0063-949-8392362). In case my schedule allows me, I might also escort you in your places of interest within the said area, or even help you arrange for your further travel & accomodation in the country to avoid any hassle, though we might not get rid of them all. over 6 years ago