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November 2010

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    What is the weather like in north vietnam and laos throughout december? AND, what would be appropriate clothing for both destinations?

    When I was there it was rainy in the mountains and fairly cool along the coast, about end of December first of January... Laos was cool in the norther mountains and around Luang Prabang but hot in the south and Vientien was very comfortable in the eveings and warm to hot in the afternoon sun. I would recommend at least 2 pair of shorts and 2 pair of long exoffico/northface style travel pants, they are light weight and you can wash and rinse in the sinks or just take a shower with them on and let them dry overnight. One light weight sweater, and an assortment of t-shirts is all I need. I always carried a rain poncho/light weight rain coat and supplement this with local clothes as needed. They are very cheap. Just remember to pack once and then dump everything on the bed and re-pack with only half the gear, and if you are really pressed do it one more time! cheers George over 9 years ago

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    Hi everyone im travelling to bangkok and phuket for 10 days, should i get vaccines etc incase i get sick from the food and water?? thanks

    No shots really needed, After 10 years of travel in SEA, everybody will at one point or another have the usual travelers discomfort, ie loose bowels. This from the newer bacteria you'll encounter reguardless of any preventative measures. Drink only the botteled water and try the street food at your own risk. At most make sure your tetnus is up to date, otherwise enjoy. over 9 years ago