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I love to travel with my motorbike. Up to now I've been in Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Morocco, France and othr europeans countries, and that said, as you can imagine, I'm fond of northern countries. Iceland has been my favourite destination, along with Scotland. Finland is also well-known.




July 2013

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    What's the most reasonable priced place to stay near the ice lagoon in Jorkusarlan

    I don't know how much near you want to be, but try the Edda hotel in Nesjahverfi, near Hofn. They have among the cheapest rooms in Iceland, plus they could also have a dormitory for the sleeping bags. You can ask them here: http://www.hoteledda.is/en/about-us/fyrirspurnir over 7 years ago

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    A day off in Helsinki

    The things to see in Helsinki are all almost near the city centre, so it won't take long to cover all the major highlights. Assuming you will disembark on Kauppatori (the market square in front of the harbour) you could take a walk to the orthodox Uspenski cathedral (just a few steps from Kauppatori), then you may go along Aleksanterinkatu, one of the main streets. There you will find Senaatintori and Tuomiokirkko, the lutheran cathedral that reminds of the white house. Just at the end of Aleksanterinkatu you'll find Stockmann, the main shopping centre of the finnish capital city, It's worth a visit. Be sure to have a korvapuusti and a finnish coffee at the bar :) Behind Stockmann there's Bulevardi, the most important street of the city, that leads you back to Kauppatori. Slightly off centre there are the Olimpic stadium (you could visit the famous tower), the Finlandia talo, a concert hall created by Alvar Aalto, Temppeliaukion kirkko a church that has been carved from rock. Suomenlinna is worth a visit if the weather is good: It's an island-fortress, and another interesting island is Seurasaari, where you can find an open air museum with houses from different eras over 7 years ago

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    What is it that makes Iceland so enchanting?

    Nature. It is the most overwhelming experience of nature you can have in Europe. over 7 years ago