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November 2010

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    How is Hurghada in Egypt as a tourist/family destination?

    I agree that Dahab is a better option (we are there now and have just spent 5 days in Hurghada). However, it depends where you are from - if you are from Russia or Germany & like packaged holidays it is probably great as the resorts cater to these tourists specifically (85% Russian 10% Germans & 5% others seem to visit Hurghada on package holidays). However if you are from anywhere else and used to independent travel then it is pretty disappointing. The resorts class themselves as 4 & 5 star but that must be based on Russian standards. We stayed at Harmony Makadi Bay which was recommended as a '5 star honeymoon-style destination' but is closer to a 3 star with Russian style food (not Egytpian) that is rehashed at every meal. There is no a la carte dining and Makadi Bay is a 35km taxi from town. The pools are great but the beach is not great for swimming & you have to take a tour to see any marine life. The resort does not allow any local taxis within 5km of the property so you are forced to take their private cars at $35 each way to Hurghada or the minibus ($8USD pp) which only goes into town at 8.30pm at night. Most of the resorts are in similarly remote locations on the coast and there is nothing within walking distance of most of them. There is nightly entertainment but again if you don't understand Russian then it wasn't much fun. They did have daily aerobics and bellydancing if you are into that sort of thing & don't mind the Russian men standing around staring & videotaping you (I tried the bellydancing which was fun). Dahab seems much more relaxed and there are loads of great restaurants and some of the resorts have pools - not as fancy as Hurghada but very laid back and affordable. The best part of our trip was a quad bike tour into the desert with Bright Sky tours - amazing guides & great value for money. Hopw you enjoy your trip - the Egyptians are very friendly, will all go out of their way to help you and they don't hassle you as much as in Asia. almost 10 years ago