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May 2013

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    Helllllo! I'm planning a trip to South America in May 2014 for 4 months and might work at a hostel along the way. Any suggestions or advice?

    Hello, I'm brazilian citizen. and i do all this trip you're planning. In Brazil, if you can came from Iguazu, Argentina side, cross the board , to Brazil and take a bus,( it's good and safe), in the Brazilian side - Foz do Iguaçu City, and go Curitiba around 9 hours. Cust around U$ 60.00 .A fligth around U$ 220...around 550 km. Them in Curitiba, i recommend Balneário Camboriú or Itapema, 3 hours by bus... beautifulls beaches and less expenses them Floripa. Or take a bus to São Paulo, u$ 50 or to Rio , u$ 70 , this is the most expenses cities in the South America. I see very difficulty you take a good work in Brazil, the same in Argentina, for a few days. over 7 years ago