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I'm an American teaching English in Moscow for the past 23 years. I've traveled some of Western Russia and northern Europe, crossed the U.S. and Canada by train and spent two weeks in India.
I'm from Washington State, lived in S.F., N.Y. State & Washington D.C

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May 2013

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    What weather is expected at Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia in during August?

    It will likely be quite warm. The past two summers we had heatwaves in August in Moscow (28-37 degrees C.). Most places are air-conditioned. The atmosphere in Moscow is generally very dry but humidity rises when there are summer thundershowers. But it's always best to bring layers of short- and long-sleeved shirts. Shorts are not commonly worn in the city but OK if you are out in the countryside. Sandals and walking shoes are fine unless you'll be dressing up for business or a formal night out. over 7 years ago

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    Is Russia a real awful country to live?

    I've lived in Moscow for 22 years as an older American woman. Russia isn't an awful country at all. It's very interesting, full of good people (and the other kind, too), and an adventure. Many traditions and ways of doing things require patience and a sense of humor, but living in Russia you'll be rewarded for your effort to adjust to a very different kind of system and mentality. Many middle class professionals and young people in big cities have now been abroad and much of the old Soviet reality is slowly changing. Be aware, though, that Russia is not for everyone. The faint-hearted should stick to London, Amsterdam or Berlin. over 7 years ago

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    Is it viable to get visa for Russia through consulate or the only way is through travel agents whose fee is too high?

    I recommend you get your Russian visa on your own, if possible. Be aware that the entire process is time-consuming. There are 5 Russian consulates in the U.S. (N.Y.City, Washington, DC, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle) and they have all begun outsourcing visa applications. You can get their addresses, hours and maps online. You must first fill out your long visa application online and have it sent to the Visa service you will go/or mail to. For any Russian visa (business or tourist) you'll also need an additional "invitation" which means you'll need to approach a visa agency and pay a service fee for it. Some visas require that you submit the original invitation and others will allow a fax. Be warned that they are sticklers for small details and will not process anything with the smallest error and that's why it's best if you can do it in person. It may take up to two weeks before your passport is returned with the new visa. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck. over 7 years ago