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    any recommendation for a tour to Pamukkale from Selcuk?

    Hello , Cappadocia , Efes , Selçuk are so important town about history in Turkey...For this reason you should take a tour from travel agency experiance....I suggest to you this agency.... the name of agency , are very responsible people... I wish you a good holiday.... over 7 years ago

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    Traveling to Turkey in September. What are the best places to visit along the coastline

    Hello , September is a beautiful moon to visit...... At this time , you can enjoy your holiday on the beach ....İf you like a holiday village ; about this ; Antalya ,Bodrum , Çeşme are nice selection...Because there are a lot of resort , beaches , night clubs ... there are the best in Turkey... If you want to listen to the head ; the best town is Kaş...Here is the most peaceful place of Turkey...But if you interest history , certainly ; Göreme , Efes , Pamukkale , Çanakkale.... Anyway have nice holiday to you , take care....... over 7 years ago

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    How do I travel from Kusadasi to Istanbul?

    Hello, you can take on the bus , Its take about 12 hour....also you can go by fly from İzmir to İstanbul.... over 7 years ago

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    For a first visit to Turkey this June, would you recommend Bodrum or Antalya?

    the weather is very nice in Antalya in june.I recommend Antalya.Here is big city like a İstanbul.Life is so moving.You can fine everything history,sea,sun,sand,turkish entertainment etc.also life is cheapest.When it comes to Bodrum;here is only holiday resort,but the best in Turkey.the weather ,sea,sun,sand are all the time excellent (night and day).Life is high quality.Here is the best entertainment.Here is the high society of Istanbul.But,in Bodrum life is more expensive then Antalya...anyway you can choose which one like it... over 7 years ago

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    How is the weather in bodrom tomorrow

    the weather in bodrum the next week will be like this.....have nice time....... TARİH TAHMİN EDİLEN Sıcaklık (°C) Hadise Nem (%) Rüzgar (km/sa) En Düşük En Yüksek En Düşük En Yüksek Yön Hız 30 Mart Cumartesi 15 22 64 90 28 31 Mart Pazar 15 23 57 77 29 1 Nisan Pazartesi 15 23 67 85 15 2 Nisan Salı 14 21 49 91 23 3 Nisan Çarşamba 15 21 68 82 42 over 7 years ago

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    Mersin and cappadocia

    Cappadocia; this village is a typical one in the region.Here you will see rock carved house and remains of a Byzantine Church.Among the abondoned houses ,the stable section were all arched confirming whit the Farsi meaning of Cappadocia.The land of beatiful horses.Im sure that you like in Cappadocia I suggest to you take a day tour, at first ıt will be better for you...Mersin is a good city.But for shopping so so...You can enjoy your self ..Mersin is like a small İstanbul... over 7 years ago

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    Ephesus, Turkey and Surrondings

    Ephesus was an ancient Greek city and later a major Roman city near present day Selçuk.It olso houses one of the Seven Churches of Asia cited in the Book of Revelation.So when you decide to come here I suggest to you, take a day tour.Because ıt will be so easily for you.Then you can go a Pamukkale.Here is near to Ephesus.Pamukkale,which translates to COTTON CASTLE, is home to UNESCO Word Heritage-listed ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis as well as the famous white travertines [calcium terraces],from which Pamukkale takes its time.Cappadocia is also an excellent place.But,Cappadocia is far away from Pamukkale.(worth to go) take about 9 hour by bus.You can see all of Cappadocia (magnificent landscape ) the sky whit the Balloon.... over 7 years ago