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March 2013

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    Is it easy for immigrants to make a diverse set of friends in Sydney and Melbourne?

    In my personal opinion these are generalisations. I am white Australian and lived most of my life in Sydney and have lived in Melbourne for 3 years now. In my close group of friends I have a huge mix of different backgrounds - Norwegian, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Italian, Taiwanese, Maltese, Japanese and many more. I used to work as an ESL teacher at a school in Sydney which had students from 40 different language backgrounds- and the students all played together! I think you will be happy with the diverse backgrounds as long as you are open to making friends- if you give yourself opportunities to make friends then you will see how friendly and open most Australians are. All the best with your move to Australia! over 7 years ago

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    What the best eating area in Melbourne?

    It depends what type of food you are after- I would recommend urbanspoon as well. Chinatown has some great food (noodle kingdom is awesome and cheap) but also try Stalactites for yummy Greek food. over 7 years ago