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Enthusiastic traveler and photographer. Especially enjoy national parks, wildlife, Navajo culture, riding horses, western lifestyle.

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March 2013

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    What is there to see in Big Bend National Park, TX

    Santa Elena Canyon (if the river isn't flooded, cross and hike into the canyon.) Sunset at the Chisos Mountain Lodge. Hike the Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail and the Rio Grande Village nature trail. Drive the Maxwell Scenic Drive. If you are in good shape, hike out from the Chisos Lodge to the Window for a stunning view over the desert. Several of the trails are easy, and handicap-accessible. Others are very challenging. See the official park website for details. No matter the time of year, always have plenty of water with you, and gallon jugs in your vehicle. The desert is merciless. This is a wonderful park that's impossible to see in one day but if that's all you have, go for it anyway! over 7 years ago

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    How long would I need to have a good look at the Yellow Stone National Park? Do I need to camp out overnight?

    You could spend a month in that park and not have seen/done it all. We stayed in a relatively inexpensive motel outside the park -- no frills because we didn't plan to be in the room much anyway! Get up extra early if you are driving into the park or you'll get stuck in the traffic jam and spend half your park time in the car. Not sure if there are shuttle buses but if so, grab one. Must-sees are Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. Tons of hikes available depending on time, your fitness level. Best is to check the site for maps and conditions. over 7 years ago

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    How does the shuttle system in Glacier National Park, Montana, work?

    The park site on can give you up-to-date information. The shuttles run both directions on Going to the Sun Road. They are free, with designated stops, you can get off at any stop and get back on another one providing there's a seat. Definitely more relaxing than driving that road. Also there's at least one privately operated shuttle-tour thing but I don't know how much it costs. over 7 years ago