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March 2013

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    Nervous about travel

    Hi Cameron, much older but, I did meet an 18 year oriental young lady (she knew 6 languages) traveling by herself. She was going to travel for 6 mon and she'd been there for 4 mon already. She told me how much she had really enjoyed her travel. She also told me that many (not all) Europeans don't like Americans because they say were spoiled brats who feel entitled so learn another language. Safe trip if you do decide to travel :). By the way when I went I traveled with 3 friends, you know what they say about safety in numbers. over 7 years ago

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    Did anyone get vaccinated for TBE/FSME before travelling to Germany

    Hi Jolene, I traveled Europe for 1 month with my 2 daughters, husband, and in laws we didn't get any vaccines. We came back as healthy as when we left! Enjoy your trip :) over 7 years ago

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    Trying to get to Venice from Croatia zagreb -any Suggestions and how many days do u need in Venice?

    I agree with the one day that's really all you need. Safe trip :) over 7 years ago