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UK/Venexia hybrid, opera-lover, uber-geek, digital wanderer, food writer, freelance copywriter/editor and researcher... living a wonderful life all over the world! Viver felice!

Currently living in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India.

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India Kerala, India



February 2013

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    Is it safe for 2 middle aged women to travel in Morocco independently or should we sign up for a tour of some kind? Thank you

    I lived in Morocco until very recently, in a very conservative city (Taroudannt) and had absolutely no problems whatsoever (I'm 49). I felt completely safe at all times. I stayed in Essaouira with no problems too. However, in Marrakech, I felt incredibly vulnerable - so much so that I would not go out at night, not even with my partner! Hope you have a great time, and if you're around Agadir and need a trustworthy guide, do send me a message, and I'll give you my friend's number & email. :-) over 7 years ago

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    What is the best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand?

    Anchan!! Location: On the 2nd floor off Nimmanhaeminda Road (soi Hillside 2, opposite soi 13). Look out for the purple umbrellas on the balcony! Fresh, locally-sourced foods, all organic, all vegetarian or vegan, cooked by the best chefs in Chiang Mai (IMO). They also have a health food store on-site, and you can buy plants, herbs, homemade preserves, chocolates etc. there too. All products are sourced through reliable sources, organically certified where possible, or come from ecologically sustainable and viable trade systems. It's an all-round winner IMO! over 7 years ago