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January 2013

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    What are some off the beaten path activities or adventures in Panama? Looking for those must-do but not well known jems.

    Try 1. Pedasí : totally pristine beaches, lots of places to stay, dive & snorkel operator, isla iguana, about 30 min by boat, great dives. Etc. 2. Playa Blanca, all inclusive prices are affordable, many apartments for rent all along the coast, super ocean swimming. Warm water. 3. El Valle de Anton - super village in the mountains . All kinds of accompany from B&B to boutique hotels. Organic foods, market etc also zip line and hike a short distance away. Nice small zoo and local indigenous orchid conservation, forest and frogs conservation. 4. Coronado bay beach front rental property, great beach Restaurants, golf, equestrian clip, shopping etc. 5. Gorgona beach - one of the best. 6. Gatun Lake, Smithsonian research institute, snake zoo, 7. Stay at country Inns & Suites, Amador. View ships transiting the Panama Canal 24/7, super long walk along the causeway, bike rentals too, great restaurants, the new Bio museum opening soon, convention center. Take boats to nearby Pearl Islands, 8. Cab ride to old town with superb restaurants and entertainment as well as old cathedral. Etc And there is lots more ... Like bird watching etc etc Also check out the "City of Knowledge" Fly to David and take tours to rain forests and volcano at Volcan also head to the coast for amazing fishing. Other forest zip lines, Boquete has a flower show in January, and windy and rainy the rest of the year. Bocas del toro supposedly lovely islands and diving but there's better elsewhere and don't forget mosquitoes. Interior and on islands visit indigenous Guna Indians and stay overnight at their villages, super mulas - hand tapestries etc. etc. Trump Tower is in the richest, most congested part of Panama City - no thanks! over 6 years ago