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Leandro Copquin

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January 2013

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    Which are the most beautiful bookstores in Buenos Aires?

    El Ateneo is a chain of Bookstore. They own the most beautiful one in The Grand Splendid former theatre. It is a beautiful building and it is quite downtown. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Ateneo Nevertheless, it is a "mainstream" bookstore. You should go also to Corrientes corner with Callao to "Zivals" (also tango music, http://www.zivals.com/disqueria.html ) or "Ghandi" (Corrientes 1743) In Palermo you can go to "La boutique del libro" (http://www.boutiquedellibro.com.ar/) which is also quite cool. There are many in BA!!! about 8 years ago

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    What is not-to-be missed in Buenos Aires?

    Tipical touristic places: San Telmo, La Boca and Abasto neighboorhoods to look for Tango culture and Inmigrants history. Also La Recoleta Cemetery. Palermo woods. Watching a football game. Eating an 'Asado' (Argentinean BBQ). Also pizza and ice cream. If you understand spanish you could go to the theatre which is really good. Nightlife is excellent! about 8 years ago

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    Whats the best romantic Restaurant for an evening of Valentine in buenos aires, near the recoleta?

    PipĂ­-cucĂș. http://www.guiaoleo.com.ar/restaurantes/Pipi-Cucu-3829 about 8 years ago