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January 2013

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    Hey I really want to visit India, is it safe there politically I mean. Visiting the Taj Mahal and Jaipur.

    Its absolutely safe to travel in India. Its always advisable to practice some caution with strangers and not step into dark, dingy lanes by yourself. And please dont flash cash or you will get ripped off for sure by some enterprising conman or pickpocket. Indians are fascinated by the "white" skin and the show of skin by women. India is pretty conservative in thought process and women usually dont indulge in much skin show unless in a metro city, party/ hotel/ discotheque, etc. In the rural part of India, women are covered from head to toe, some even hiding their face behind a veil. So a foreigner (woman) might get over friendly looks, gestures from the local men who might consider these women to be " easy". Other than this, just take care of water and food and eat from a clean establishment only. Dont over tip or look for a shortcut at places like Taj mahal for entry or taking pics- you will definately get taken for a ride. Enjoy your trip! Safe travel always!! cheers almost 8 years ago