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December 2012

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    Any good tips re: Pemuteran, Amed Coast, Nusa Lembongan and Sekotong Peninsula?

    I visited both Pemuteran and Amed few times before. If you planning to do a lot of snorkeling I suggest to bring your own gears because it cost around Rp 50000- Rp 80000 to rent it. Snorkeling at Pemuteran (Menjangan island to be specific) is very good experience because, in one of many area to snorkle , there is a deep cliff, 1meter shallow coral then suddenly turned to 15-25meter deep so you get all sort of marine life. Boat to reach Menjangan islad is quite expensive (Rp. 600.000- Rp 800.000 excluding snorkeling gear) so I suggest you find someone to share the boat a day before ... share it between 4-6 if possible . The other attraction near Menjangan Island is West Bali National Park so you can hike here... I stayed at waka gangga resort ($120 / night) which is next to the national park , good experience there.. really quite ... and I saw a wild boar with their children looking for food next to the swimming pool. Food is kind a hard to get around here even for a local like me but there's some pretty good suckling pig near the road to Lovina (1 hour 15 min drive from pemuteran). Amed snorkeling not as good as Menjangan island but place is good enough to chill and definitely quite... but I am not sure you can stay here for 3-4 weeks you probably bored to death. Visit Bloo Lagoon at Padang Bai (you probably going to visit here anyway en route to nusa lembongan) small snorkeling spot but water is quite clear. I think you can find homestay for your budget but no aircon. Don't forget to visit places in between the area you mention above like lovina near pemuteran, tulamben - padang bai - candidasa near amed . cheers almost 7 years ago