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November 2012

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    Is it safe to travel to manila, philippines by yourself as a girl? Is the city worth a visit?

    Female visitors to Manila find that they attract a lot of attention but not for reasons other than the Filipinos are naturally hospitable. Expect guys to call you "Mam"and hold the door open for you. Not something you could expect today in the West! The main areas of the City including many shops and restaurants are as safe as many other places in the world and you will be in good company with a lot of visitors from all over the world, as well as many "foreigners"living permanently or temporarily in the Philippines. Manila is a very cosmopolitan city. Of course you are right, Metro Manila as such is in fact a combination of several Cities. Makati is certainly a sophisticated place to stay and visit, and nearby Fort Bonefacio. Mall of Asia is near to Roxas Boulevard and that is where you will see the sea as well as the largest shopping Mall in Asia. If you want a day out try a tour from your hotel or a travel agent. Consider Subic, the old American Air base as something unique, by the sea but now very accessible from Manila in a short drive along some stunning scenery. over 7 years ago

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    do you think prepaid carrier for iphone 4s here in the philippines esp in manila is good enough to use?

    The pre-paid companies are the same ones that provide post paid services, its just the scheme that differs. Any of the networks can provide services for I Phones, however, and this is the big rub, is your I Phone open line? If you have it from an overseas carrier it is almost impossible to open line ( whatever anyone says) as it is all software controlled. Open line it and the software is affected maybe to a previous version and maybe unable to upgrade nor access a lot of services. To be fair this drawback now applies to many Smart phones. The I phone just being one of them. If you have an open lined I phone well and good ( a truly open line version is rare as they are not sold in many countries), use any local SIM. If not buy a cheap simple phone and use it while here. about 7 years ago

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    Does an Australian travelling from singapore to malaysia needs a visa

    No. Be aware though if you are travelling back to Singapore to fly out a few days later Singapore immigration might ask for your ticket or proof of it. In the past short trips over the boarder to Malaysia were a way for those wanting to stay longer in Singapore to do so without having to extend visas in Singapore and submit documents or proof of funds. Even for those there for business reasons, without having to apply for a formal residency document. This loop hole is now watched carefully, but if you are genuinely just going on a short vacation side trip it is not going to affect you. about 7 years ago