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San Felipe El Real

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Mexico Chihuahua, Mexico


October 2010

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    What do we have to do to organise a hike through Copper Canyon?

    Hi, my name is Santiago I own a small Boutique Hotel in Chihuahua City, the Boutique Hotel San Felipe El Real ( the best idea for hiking will be get in touch with a guide, he can help you plan your hike according to your interest ( lenght of the trip, accomodation , best trails and landscapes and so one , phisical condition ). We can help you plan your trip in Chihuahua with pick up services, lodging, tours, transportation, making you recommendations on where to stop in the canyons and connnect you to a guide. Our recommendation for guide will be Micah True, he is a pioneer in Copper Canyon, who created the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon and ha lots of experience in the Canyons, you can find him on Facebook by his name also by his mail , you can get information on him and the canyons on his website , let him know we told you about him. Regards from Chihuahua. Santiago about 10 years ago