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October 2010

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    What is the state question of New Mexico?

    Ah, the never settled question of "Red or Green?" referring to the type of salsa/chili sauce you want with your meal. The food in New Mexico is divine, and folks take great pride in their local cuisine and flavors. Santa Fe probably leads the charge in variety of restaurant and breadth of quality, but I ate well throughout the state. Personally, I'm a red. over 10 years ago

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    I am booking a hotel in Lithue for 7 days...is there enough to do to keep us busy for the full 7 days? ...any suggestions

    I spent a summer in Kuaui and there was no shortage of things to do but it depends on your interests. Kokee Park is a must visit, with plenty of stunning views and trails to hike. The Nualolo Trail is a solid day hike over the canyon tops that overlook the Napali coast below. Many folks just go to the road lookouts and don't spend time in the park-do go for a hike! Wailua River Park also has great areas to get off the beaten path and explore the river. I'm not a lie-on-the beach person, but Poipu is popular. I personally liked Anini beach past the polo grounds, more isolated and less trafficked. Try to see a polo match of its the season. Hanalei is a classic spot with great beaches, a cool alternative vibe with health food and organic stores, restaurants, and a swimming cave. It's also the start of the famous Napali coast hike. Many areas offer kayak rentals and helicopter rides also abound. I know Wings Over Kauai were great when my parents did a ride with them. Not least, if it is wild boar hunting season, ask around of there's a locals luau with local boar-it is delicious. over 9 years ago

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    I am traveling to LA for 2 days. What are the must do's?

    Check out the forum here for loads of other similar questions and great answers. i just got back from a weekend there so i can add to what already posted in previous questions with the following: Rooftop cocktails overlooking Venice Beach and great 360 view of all of LA at the Erwin. Rooftop drinks/bar nibbles at the Hotel Wilshire Silver lake-;bohemona' part of LA where people grow their own food, drive Mercedes benzes running on recycled vegetable oil, and appreciate the 'hippy' side of life. combihnd it with Sunset Junction strolling and bar hoping. El Cid, Cafe Stella, Blairs is a neighborhood restaurant tucked in the back streets of silver lake with amazing food. for a relaxed mellow stroll, head to the beachfront area of santa Monica, well actually, further up the promontory where Montana Ave ends at the ocean-top ridge. Montana Ave is a relaxed strip of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafe, so drop in if in that part of town or heading to the new getty museum. over 7 years ago