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September 2012

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    is it possible to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing without a guide?? or is it a bit risky??

    Hey, In summer conditions with no snow the Tongariro Crossing is no problem to do without a guide, although you will still need to arrange transport from the far end of the track. In winter conditions, (as it will be now), a guided group is to be recommended unless you are an experienced mountaineer with all the necessary equipment. (Crampons, ice axe etc.) Generally the guided groups at this time of year provide crampons etc as needed, and more importantly an experienced assessment of conditions. I've done the crossing many times and in various conditions, and my best mate/climbing buddy worked guiding the crossing for a winter. The groups generally take their time, so you should have plenty of time to take some pics and enjoy the views. Bon Voyage Laura over 8 years ago

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    New Zealand in June: booking

    Hi Mary, AT that time of year here in NZ you don't need to book anything in advance, except perhaps accommodation if you are in a popular skiing location. Glacier trips, hiking etc are all best left, especially as these things are very weather dependent. Have a great trip, and if you are traveling down the West Coast it's worth checking out the Montieths Brewery in Greymouth, they do a great inexpensive brewery tour, with plenty of beer included! about 6 years ago

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    11 day camper van trip around Abel Tasman area with my wife from Dec 11-23, curious about places to stay. The more remote the better. Thanks

    Psst! A popular spot with locals which gets very few tourists is the Cobb Reservoir, Just over the Takaka hill you turn left and head up a very narrow gravel road for approx 40 minutes, there's a beautiful hydro lake and great hiking, a nice hidden spot. Also, when you're in that part of the world check out the Mussel Inn, a great pub/brewery on the main road, midway between Takaka and Collingwood. over 8 years ago