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August 2012

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    With this itinerary, how much spending money should I take to Italy?

    I studied in Rome in Spring 2012. I wrote a lot about it on my blog, if you want any recommendations! House wine is usually 8 Euros a liter. I would say for a decent dinner in Rome & Florence, expect to pay about 20-25 Euros per person. Sorrento may be more expensive because of the prices on the Amalfi Coast. I loved Il Giardino Romano in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome. The restaurants in Trastevere are all incredible! You can get spectacular pizza at Dar Poeta. All around Rome, and all of Italy for that matter, many restaurants have "Tourist Menus", with set items for a certain price, usually 12 or 15 euro. They usually come with an appetizer, main item and a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The tourist menus are great on a budget, but you lose some authenticity in the process. Ballpark, 40 Euros a day on food if you want to enjoy yourself and stay conscious of the wine & apertivo. Also, almost all restaurants have a service charge or bread charge of 1 or 2 euros and water costs money. Have a great trip! about 7 years ago