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October 2010

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    What is the best way to get from Vancouver to Edmonton?

    Clarifying what 'best way' means to you would be helpful to those giving advice. Most efficient, i.e. fastest and least expensive is to fly directly from Vancouver to Edmonton, or to Edmonton via Calgary. If you want to see the incredible beauty of the Rocky Mountains, and time is not an issue, take the advice of Richard above and drive a rental car, or take a bus or train. There is a train called the Rocky Mountaineer which goes through the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary and which many Europeans travel on when they go to Canada. If you drive yourself, you have the option of stopping where, and when, you wish, but give up some of the sights as the highway does require considerable attention. Any way you go, you'll be sorry you left the breathtaking beauty of Vancouver. over 9 years ago