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Edyta W

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July 2012

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    Can we find Mc Donnald everywhere in Italy,France and Spain?

    Why would you if there is good and natural food everywhere else ? over 8 years ago

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    Best location in Banff

    Yes, Banff ave is the main street, also Banff springs hotel is very nice and rimrock but they are not in down town over 8 years ago

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    Any suggestions on travel between amalfi and Sicily? Thanks!

    Hi , we drove in May from Reggio di Calabria to Amalfi. Took us around 4,5 hrs hwy driving . Lots of construction but not too busy at that time. Now in the summer much more people travel by car so add extra time for that. We stopped in Tropea , great beaches, nice views . Did not take a ferry to Sicily but its very close . Check how much in advance you have to be at the ferry dock and if you can prebook your tickets ,especially if you are driving . Good luck over 8 years ago