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May 2012

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    Europe trip for 7-10 days (if lucky even 14 days)

    First of all, if my suggestion would mean anything to you; I would recommend going to less places so that you can see and feel more connected with each culture. It would also help to alleviate stress from the feeling of moving so fast, and allow you to enjoy it more. Doing so also allows you to take trains and stop off at places you wouldn't have known otherwise. Example, while in Venice, my friend and I spent an entire day walking around looking for the best gelato and just appreciating the architecture and feel of the city. Just some food for thought. Now onto your question. These are the places that I enjoyed most out of all the places I visited, I'll go from east to west. Mykonos (fly to Athens then take boat to Mykonos), Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Rome, anywhere in Switzerland, Nantes, Barcelona (by far my favorite part of Spain), Azores islands. A caveat though, I have yet to visit northern Europe so my judgement is biased. Hope you have a rad trip! over 8 years ago

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    We are driving to the Grand Canyon later in March from Phoenix. What's the best/most scenic route?

    Sorry, it seems I might be too late! I just got this app, but I'll try anyways. If you have a lot of time to spare for the drive and are in no hurry, this is what I would suggest. I would suggest taking the 87 north through Payson and Strawberry/Pine. That connects back to the I-17. It's full of beautiful forest and lots of places to hike or picnic around there. As you go north on the 17, you should take the 179 north. That takes you through Sedona, beautiful scenery and nice artsy historical town. When done there, take the 89a north which leads you to Flagstaff. When in Flagstaff, take the 180 north which leads you up to the Grand Canyon. You can make this route last a whole day or you could make it a 5-6 hour thing. Depends how often you stop and check the surroundings. That's my favorite way I've made the trip to the Grand Canyon. over 8 years ago

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    I heard that you can get arrested in Arizona if the police just think you are not a citizen. Is it safe to travel there from Europe?

    That is not true. The only time the police can do anything is if you are doing something illegal. If you are visiting from Europe, it's very easy to get around here without any problems. Assuming that you have a proper passport, and some kind of identification from your country, you will have no problems. over 8 years ago