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April 2012

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    Going to Chengdu in early November for 3days

    I am not too sure if you have already gone, but I just got back from China 2 weeks ago. I spent 2 day in Chengdu and must say the best experience I had was being at the Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding. I was lucky enough to spend an hour doing volunteer stuff (cleaning cages and feeding the pandas) and then for 1300 Yuan, I got my picture taken with a 7 month old panda! Totally worth it for me. I also checked out the Jinsha Site Museum. This is all about what ancient Chinese people lived (in huts). In the evenings you can walk along the river front and see people seething up portable record players and dance. In a square like place across from the hotel I stayed at, there was exercise like activities. In both of these activities we had the local people grabbing us to joint in. over 7 years ago