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April 2012

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    How is playa del Carmen at the end of August & what are the resteraunts to stay away from

    Playa will be hot & humid that time of year. It is also the middle of hurricane season. That being said, playa is a beautiful and fun place to holiday. There my be a day or two of short showers or if you are unlucky a storm. Plan activities in or near the water and save the waking (at ruins, etc.) for the early morning or after the sun sets - about 6:00 pm. Use trip advisor for good restaurant advice. The meals are more expensive or poorer quality the closer to the ferry dock you are. Best food and deals are on 10 th avenue or 30 th avenue at the north end of el centro. Lots of good places - dining out is part of the experience there. The basic rule of thumb for Mexican restaurants - if there are lots of locals eating there then there is a good chance the food is good and safe. almost 8 years ago