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April 2012

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    Looking for jobs in Melbourne. Any good ideas on where to look?

    I looked for ages when I arrived, then discovered Kelly Services temping agency on Collins Street. They got me a job within a day - if you wouldn't mind doing a bit of administration for decent money, they'd be a good starting point too. over 7 years ago

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    What are some of the best memories from your trip to France? What where the absolute highlights of your trip that you would recommend to oth

    I used to go to France every year, once, twice and sometimes three times, as I have family over there. To be fair, most of my holidays were spent lounging and staying at my grandparents house, enjoying the countryside I suppose. But if it's still about, I'd definitely recommend a restaurant called l'Albatross, it's on the coast in La Rochelle (north-ish west France), I remember having some delicious seafood there - if you're up for something different and haven't tried snails before, try them there! If you can take a trip down the Marais river by boat one day too, I'd say do that for a day. I forget exactly where I used to go there (I'm assume its north westerly though) but it's incredibly beautiful - at least in all the bits I've experienced of it. If you're into historical buildings, Le Chateau De Castlenaud is fab and the surrounding towns are pleasant too. I guess it depends on what kinds of things you like to see over there! almost 7 years ago

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    What is the best camera

    I don't know if its the best, but I'm over the moon with my Canon 600D. It cost me about a grand for the body and a couple of lenses... I did get it a year or so ago now, so newer models have a few better features. almost 7 years ago