Lucy Fraser

Lucy Fraser

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Lived in peru for 4 months, lived in Kenya for 5, have been to Europe 6 time and toured Egypt. Am currently a travel agent for flight centre.

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Australia Whitsundays, Australia


April 2012

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    Clothes for Kenya in february

    It's not that there are heaps, it's more that they carry malaria. You'll want to take a lot of bug spray, but most importantly ALWAYS sleep under a mosquito net. almost 9 years ago

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    want to book flights online

    Why not go to a travel agent? Flight centre price beat and they can make sure everything goes smoothly and take care of everything. Waaaaay easier. Plus they have great knowledge of their products and can give awesome recommendations. over 8 years ago

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    Holiday in Kenya

    Geckos are pretty good too for all throughout Africa. over 8 years ago