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April 2012

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    How difficult (and expensive) is it to find an iPad prepaid microsim card in Beijing, China, preferably in the airport upon arrival?

    You can buy a prepaid iPad sim card from China Unicom stores (no stores in airports in China). Shall be able to find one store near your hotel with the help of your hotel staff. When you do this, you are required to register with your passport. You may encounter language barriers in most stores. If you won't bother doing all these stuffs, you can rent one iPad sim card. There is one local company (3G Solutions) from which you can rent an iPad sim card. They do hotel dropoff and pickup. I just dealt with them one week ago. They delivered a fast & efficient service to me so I have no hesitate to recommend their service to anyone. You can check their information from webpage http://www.3gsolutions.com.cn/page/ipad3grental . David Frolio almost 8 years ago