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March 2012

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    Any tips on good camel tour operators in Jaisalmer, India? Heard most hotels try to book you on theirs but some better than others.

    Hi, Please note that camel riding is good fun but can also be hard work! When deciding on the length of time you want to go on a Safari we would like you to bear in mind that usually the second day is experienced by most people as the hardest because by then you are becoming accustomed to the riding motion. Therefore, we always recommend that you dismount and walk for a period of time each day to stretch your legs; the longer you go for, the more fun you will have! A longer Safari also gives you an opportunity to experience the more remote areas and therefore the relaxation the desert has to offer and it means more fun on the camel and more nights with shooting stars rather than more sightseeing. watch this link for Camel Safari Thanks MVMTravel over 8 years ago