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USA Flight attendant since 1998. Visited thru work most of USA and internationally to Sydney, Japan, England, Shanghai, Central AmericaI. I budget travel typically 3 months a year internationally for vacation. Mostly youth hostels and back packer accommodations.


March 2012

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    Is a bus convenient enough to get me from Waikiki to hanauma bay and chinaman's hat? Or do I need to rent a car?

    I lived in Hawaii for 10 years. Only the foolish tourist rode the mopeds on the island. Buses will run you over if not the tourist in their rental cars! Not real safe. Rent an "ugly duckling" (a rental car that is not the newest model) for cheaper prices. You will blend in with the locals. And remember to always book online for the top of the line rentals instead of walking off the street to rent. You will save $$ almost 8 years ago