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March 2012

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    I'm backpacking soon through Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand and through Indonesia in July. Any suggestion on the best route to take?

    Ah you've picked an amazing route! I'd love to do Nepal - have you thought to do some hiking there, maybe base camp for Mt Everest? I'd definitely suggest doing a blog, it keeps your mind going, reduces the need to call home (saves money!) I did a blog a few years ago about getting around thailand and I tracked where every dollar went... Maybe it might help! http://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog/emilyverdouw/1/tpod.html I did this for first time visitors to Thailand, and you can certainly travel around there for ALOT less. But I was reaching young travellers who haven't backpacked yet! I don't know much else about the other locations, because I haven't been, but I know you can get a bus from Chaing Mai in Thailand to Laos. So that could provide a path for you! Of course the amount of travelling and distances you travel always provide the most damage to your budget, so you could always fly into Nepal, pop down to northern india then jump across to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Or even just stick to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. You travelling costs will be greatly reduced!! Just a few thoughts!! Have a great time! I'm planning a trip over to south america for 4/5/6 months- I'm undecided too about how far my budget can get!!! almost 9 years ago