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I love to travel! I've been doing a lot of traveling for the past couple of years but mostly for work and some for pleasure. Been to many coutries and cities but haven't got a feel of mingling with the local. On my next adventure I'm planning a long backpacking (okay not that long) maybe 3-6 months.

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March 2012

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    i am staying at flic en flac for a week. how are the restaurants in that area priced?

    Flic and Flac is a nice area with a nice beach. There's a few restaurants and bars that are reasonably priced being that it is somewhat of a tourist area but also a local hangout. If you are trying the local food then it might be cheaper than some of the western food, also local beer is cheaper as well. Cocktails tend to be a little pricier. All in all Mauritius is generally not a cheap island to visit or backpack through. More a getaway of luxury or honeymoons you know what I mean. Beautiful Island though and a must visit I would say. almost 9 years ago

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    I'm backpacking soon through Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand and through Indonesia in July. Any suggestion on the best route to take?

    Hi Lisa! Thats some awesome advice! Thanks a mil. When I'm in Chiang Mai do you recommend visiting the surrounding cities? Can you recommend some cheap/clean hostels or guest houses for extended stay? Catching that boat from Laos down the Mekong to Cambodia sounds amazing, do you recommend a company to use? About the heat, I don't mind it but in small increments, I prefer cooler conditions. Heat just exhausts me, I'm not much of a beach person either, love to be on islands and around the ocean but not good with spending time laying on the beach, I prefer hiking and nature trails stuff like that. Hmm wouldn't mind laying around on a boat all day drifting and drinking beer though :)) almost 9 years ago