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Lived in the southeastern U.S. for most of my life. Joined the Air Force and currently stationed in mainland Japan. Married with 1 kid.

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March 2012

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    I have a friend trasferred flight at Tokyo airport last Oct., I was worried that he may be contaminated with radioactive material

    I've been living in Tokyo for almost 3 years now and neither my family or I have experienced any side effects or problems from the radiation. The U.S. military in the area gave out iodine for us to take if it became necessary but they never told us to take it because the radiation levels were so minimum. All of our aircraft going out had to be screened for radiation and the numbers were too low for anyone to worry about! over 8 years ago

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    What is the most popular food at japan?

    Sushi is great! I also like yakiniku, which is where you pick your meats and ingredients and cook your food on a grill which is in your table. Also, in many downtown areas they have themed restaurants, such as Alice in Wonderland diner, Ninja cafe, Vampire cafe. over 8 years ago

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    Bullet train to Mt FUJI

    Not entirely sure but you can look up train times and prices from any train station on over 8 years ago