Emir Sinanovic

Emir Sinanovic

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Born and lived in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Living in:

United States Decatur, Indiana, United States


March 2012

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    Is Bosnia safe to travel to?

    Right now Bosnia is just like any regular countries in EU. Stay on the main roads at all times. Most of the grasslands are safe, and the ones that have land mines are clearly marked. But you never know. The best places to visit are the old city in Sarajevo with great local food called ćevapi, burek and sarma among many others. Mostar is another great one, and Tuzla, the salt city. The great thing about all of these places is the atmosfere. The people walking around, sitting at an outside bar etc. bring city alive. Most of the younger population speak English as well as some other EU languages, so help is just a person away if you should need some during your exploation. almost 9 years ago

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    How good is football in bosnia?

    Compared to the rest of Europe, it's not good. I would say it's at an average. almost 9 years ago