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Mike Brown

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February 2012

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    My girlfriend and I planned move to Quebec I'm a graphic designer she's an accountant,How difficult it is to find a job?.How is the weather?

    You need French in Quebec. It is the official language of the province. If you want a good job, you will have to speak French. If you have children either now, of while living in Quebec, your children will have to attend French schools, and be educated in French. You do not have a choice, unless one of the parents was educated in English in Quebec in the past. Winters in Quebec (all over the province) can be quite cold and snowy, although over the last few years, the climate seems to be moderating. There are lots of opportunities for winter sports. Summer can be quite hot and humid. Although I left Quebec many years ago, I will always remember that Montreal had WAY BETTER PIZZA than what I have found in the Toronto area. That may not be a deciding factor for you... Good luck with your plans! over 8 years ago