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February 2012

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    Are TRANSIT VISAS AVAILABLE for Canadians upon arrival at DUBAI AIRPORT

    Good and bad news. On your outbound trip (2 nights in Dubai) you should be able to get a Transit Visa at the airport. However, I believe they are only valid for 72 hours; therefore on your inbound flight (4 nights in Dubai) you will need to obtain a visa in adance. I suggest you contact Emirates Airlines who will facilitate the visa for you. You should only need to submit a scanned copy of your passport and you will recieve a visa in the form of a seperate paper. Be careful not to use this on your inbound flight else you will not be able to board the flight in Nigeria. Dubai airport can be quite time consuming to navigate, the quickest time for me from landing to exit is 30 minutes, with the most lengthy 2 hours 15 minutes. There can be long queues at the eye scanning desk as well as at immigration. Best advice, use the rest rooms enroute to eyescan/immigration, and bring your music. about 8 years ago

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    What is the best nightclub to go in Dubai? Is drinking allowed on these places?

    Look at Time Out Dubai (on-line) or purchase magazine, they list most popular night clubs and provide opinions on same. The metro is wonderful and will take you very close to where you need to go quite inexpensively, there are usually taxis waiting at the stops or one will come by shortly. If they do not want to take you because the trip is too short, pull out your mobile and tell them you are calling the traffic authority, they will quickly accommodate you. over 8 years ago

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    Do we need a visa from UK to travel to Dubai?

    If you are travelling on UK passports you can obtain a 30 day visitor visa free of charge at the airport. over 8 years ago