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February 2012

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    How crossing country lines works?

    Within Schengen zone (visa free travel) crossing borders is like crossing state lines in the US. But you need to have a passport in case you have to show it. Check which countries are in this zone even if they are within the European Union. Also, some countries are not in EU but are within Schengen zone (Switzerland for example). Finally check on entry and stay visa requirements for your nationality. almost 4 years ago

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    What weather is expected at Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia in during August?

    Carry a light jacket and sweater. It is summer but evenings will be cool and st. Petersburg will be much cooler than you can imagine. Rains will make it cool anyway. Day times should be just fine in August. over 7 years ago

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    Will extreme cold weather be a safety factor for travel in Europe?

    It is bitterly cold these days but not 'unsafe' if you are properly decked out. However, avoid he countries hardest hit - Ukraine, Romania, and southern Balkans. Moving around will be a problem. If you are not planning to hop around a lot, traveling won't be a problem otherwise you'll encounter some delays. almost 9 years ago