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January 2012

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    Bangkok - Thailandia

    They pretty much only accept baht there. You get better deals when paying with their currency. Take euro and change it over there almost 8 years ago

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    Any suggestions on hotels in good/fun area of Bangkok?

    Check out Thong Lo, Ekamai neighborhoods. Cool bars where the hi-so locals hang. WTF bar and Shades of Retro are 2 off the beaten path bars. almost 8 years ago

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    Anyone recommend a place to stay in Luang Prabang? Thanks :)

    Depends on your budget! I stayed at a really centrally located place, beautiful hardwood floors etc, but it was def more expensive than the other lodging. It cost about $40. Actually LP is a bit more expensive...the $20 places are pretty bare. The place is called Phounsab Hotel. It's right across from the LP Bakery and Hotel and is on the main St where the travel agencies are for tours. almost 8 years ago