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December 2011

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    Has anyone stayed at the sandy beach hotel in san Juan, puerto rico

    Check this hotel out on Trip Advisor about 9 years ago

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    How easy is it to get a job in Mauritius?

    Contact the Board of Investment (BOI) about jobs in MUR about 9 years ago

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    What all is there to do in Mauritius for a month?? I'm visiting someone soon and want to have a plan

    Catamaran trip with 20 degrees South to Flat Island is worth doing! Explore China Town in Port Louis, with lunch at the Canton. Caudan Waterfront is nice to see and browse the shops. Black River gorge hikes to Alexander falls are lovely. Explore Grand Bay, loads of shops & market. Have dinner or lunch at either Palais du Chine (peaking duck is yummy) or Pizza at Boteghita. The chateau at Labordonnaise is worth visiting and the restaurant is very good. Aventure du Sucre is very good - history of sugar along with the history of the island. A very enjoyable, and educational outing. The restaurant at Aventure du sucre is outstanding, and keep space for desert! There is so much to do in Mauritius - really depends on your budget and energy levels - where are you staying? about 9 years ago