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September 2010

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    Is there still a bedbug problem in New York City?

    There's been problems, but many hotels are addressing the issue. There's been infestation in schools (I teach), but as of yet, nothing in my classroom and haven't brought anything home. Schools are addressing the problem too. There were problems in some stores and some movie theatres, but haven't heard anything in quite a while. I would just check around the headboard, under the mattress and around lightbulb/shades and curtains to be sure. But I'd do that anywhere I travel anyway. Enjoy my city! It's really great! almost 10 years ago

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    Where is the best exchange rate in Bangkok?

    1. Charles Schwab rules are that you have to open an investing account w/them before being able to have that type of checking account. I found that out when I wanted to open one. 2. Capital One cards (visa AND bank cards) pay their bank transaction fee. You might still have to pay the bank on the other ends fee, but at least its only one fee. 3. Some countries (Mongolia, I know from experience and possibly Mauritius/Madagascar, I'll be there this summer) have ATMs but won't take a bank ATM card. It's a Visa or Mastercard ATM (for cash advances). I'm using my capital one visa and putting $$$ on the card, so that when I need to use their ATM cash advance (b/c that's all that's available)...I won't get charge a cash advance fee b/c it's my $$ on my card. I checked and that's possible per capital one! over 7 years ago