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Michael Tarantino

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A global and well- travelled citizen, an M.D doing HIV research in Japan, nature lover, and definitely live to travel and experience the unique freedom it provides. Lived in South America and Asia. My favourite places: Italy, France, Portugal, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Canada.

Living in:

Japan Kumamoto-shi, Japan


November 2011

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    Any tips on travelling overland by coast from Caracas to Panama?

    There are no established ship lines linking Caracas to anywhere, occasionally some cruises may stop at La Guaira Port, but they sail to nearby islands, and due to the poor security situation those cruise trips are rare nowadays. If departing from Colombia's Caribbean coast i.e, Cartagena, chances are higher but don't expect any bargain prices. Air travel continues to be the best way to make it to Panama, there are some frequencies from Caracas and many more from several Colombian cities, even those on the coast like Barranquilla, or Cartagena. almost 9 years ago

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    Is travel safe in Pakistan?

    A couple of friends of mine just came back from Pakistan and they an an uneventful trip, as long as you are well-informed and do not venture off the beaten path, you should not encounter problems. Of note, they are amidst a massive bombing in Madrid years ago, in a country that was supposed to be safe and civilised. about 9 years ago

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    Planning to take my children to Japan this December, first trip with them. May be touring Osaka and Tokyo. Anybody knows if December is

    No, the rainy season takes place between June and July. December tends to be cold. Rain can't be ruled out but chances are lower than in summer and autumn. about 9 years ago