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November 2011

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    Where is the best place to enjoy octoberfest in Munich? Should we purchase tickets for a seat at the tents prior to arriving?

    Oktoberfest takes place in a certain area called "theresienwiese", even though this event affects the whole city. The oktoberfest has a line of huge "Bierzelte" where you can sit to enjoy beer and bavarian music bands with crazy dancing. The rest of the oktoberfest is full with rollercoasters, foodstalls and the like. To enjoy this fest, stroll around the oktoberfest while you are sober before going to one of the many "bierzelte" for your first of many litres beer-deliciousness. You cannot buy tickets for a seat. Rather you can "reserve" a table, which at the oktoberfest means going to the breweries and buy enough chicken and beer coupons to fill 8-10 people. They make it very hard for visitors to reserve a table, which is why i cannot recommend even trying when not in town. Reserving has to take place many months in advance too. Much better to simply go there early, say 1pm put on a sweet smile and get people to let you sit at their table - on sunny days and saturdays, expect the bierzelte to be closed as early as 11am due to too many people inside. But its not as bad as its sound, just go and try to be lucky! It mostly turns out different than expected but always adventurous :) This how you pick the bierzelt that fits your taste best: hippodrom: fun loving people all ages. Paulaner or Spaten: average guy bierzelt. Schottenhamel: a bit younger and hipper. Schützenzelt: a bit older, traditionalist. Löwenbräu: more americans and australians than germans, bad beer. Hacker: good beer, good crowd, seems to get younger. augustiner: considered best beer in town from real wood barrels. Käfer: upscale, not typical, more champagne than beer. Hope that helps! almost 9 years ago

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    Second hand shops in Södermalm, Stockholm?

    Joanna wrote a great (design) city guide for stockholm: http://m.designsponge.com/2010/06/stockholm-guide.html Lots of good 2nd hand shops are listed! And of course many more cool places to go. over 8 years ago

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    Come to Munich for Oktoberfest and have to buy the costume. What you advise: buy at site or order via internet before.

    Bavarian outfits are costly if you want the original "Tracht", fitted enough to wear at weddings, religous or other festive events. Expect those to cost from 400€ and more for a ladies garment with more costs adding to it with accessories. Men's lederhosn are also very expensive because they are expected to be passed down through generations. As costumes become more and more popular, they are now sold everywhere for little money from 50€ all included. Don't expect to get the proper tracht for that price, but rather a cheap version that's worse than h&m. That usually works well if you just want to costumize like during halloween. They can now be purchased literally everywhere, no need to buy online if you dont want to. Its nicer to buy on site and add accessories like the bavarian hat, scarf and all. If you have trekking boots bring them, because they look better with a men's costume than sneakers would. almost 9 years ago