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November 2011

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    Renting a car in the philippines...what do I need? Will a European drivers license do?

    I am a Filipina and I don't advice renting nor driving on your own in the Philippines. Hiring a driver with his taxi is easier, practical, cheaper and worry-less. It doesn't pay to have headaches on your holidays.Also be cautious with hiring a taxi with his taxi, you must have an early clear agreement, if possible make a simple contract and have it signed by the driver himself, like that, there's no after trip misunderstanding. Some drivers are nice, helpful and can communicate in basic English. Treat him well, feed him and have a little jokes with him and he will bring you to wherever you may like to visit....but be firm and clear, correct and kind, and all is well Hope my reply may help you in your decision...try to check the car's tires, the car's air-condition and the driver's attitude for a pleasant trip. Anything more I can do to make your travel in my country successful, you may email me....Have a nice day! Lis ( ) almost 8 years ago